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Chapter 9: Designing the Denenberg Strategy

What's special about this deal?
See the last page of this chapter for the answer.

A strategy, as you learned in previous chapters, is a defined way to play any possible set of four tiles that you might be dealt. If you have a playing strategy, there is no guessing which way to play your tiles. You always know the correct way to play them.

The strategy that you learned in Chapter 5, The Traditional Strategy, is an excellent way to play your tiles. It was developed over many years by people who paid close attention to the game and decided a good way to divide the tiles. The traditional strategy is played, with only very minor variations, by almost every casino and every Pai Gow player.

But is the traditional strategy the best strategy to use? No. The people who developed the traditional strategy did not have access to computers. But we do, and we can use the computer to design a much better strategy.

This chapter will show you how the computer allows us to determine the exact best way to play our tiles, and how the Denenberg Strategy allows you to use the computed information at the Pai Gow table to your maximum advantage.

(This chapter is brief, but if don't care about the computations, you may skip forward to the discussion of the Denenberg Strategy.)

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Chapter 9: Designing the Denenberg Strategy

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